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Best Casino Hotels to Visit in Canada

There is no shortage of outstanding casinos in Canada. But for travelers and those who want to get away for a few days and enjoy a loaded gambling spree, an in-and-out casino may not always be enough. Thankfully, casino hotels offer the opportunity to hop out of a comfortable bed, have a delicious breakfast on-site, and take but a few steps to slot machines and table games. Take a break when you need, dip your toes in the lush pool, and get back to winning money without ever leaving the facility - what a joy. But while there are hundreds of options for such luxury in Canada, not all offer the same grand experience you pictured in your head while reading this.

Because a hotel offers gambling entertainment, you’re not always guaranteed the utmost convenience or quality casino games. Since you pay money for your casino hotel experience, get the best bang for your buck by ensuring that the qualities of both aspects are balanced. The best way to do that is by comparing available options, but since there is an unending list of casino hotels in Canada, we’ve narrowed down the choices leaving you with our favorite picks. The following options will make the hotel stay unforgettable and offer a gambling experience you won’t forget.


When was the last time you swam in a rooftop pool while gazing at the reef surrounded by palm trees? Pullman Reef Hotel Casino offers that and more. Room with a jacuzzi spa? You got it. A balcony with an outstanding view? Absolutely! While the rooms are breathtaking, the rest of the experience is just as astonishing. This 5-star hotel experience will leave you breathless with modern yet sophisticated touches that meet the eye. Coffee, desserts, crafted cocktails, and four options for fine dining will fill you with energy for your special Reef Casino gambling session.

More than 500 slot machines and dozens of games, including roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, sic-bo, paradise pontoon, the money wheel, will keep you entertained for hours. Unless, of course, you have your little ones to take care of, in which case you can request a complimentary babysitter! Better yet - you can sleep in and party late, as casino entertainment is available from 10 am - 2 am.


If you’re looking for a mellow, royal experience, Jupiters Gold Coast is always there to deliver. You might get startled when you wake up forgetting that you’re in a hotel since every room looks like a billionaire’s condo. And while it is difficult to leave the gorgeous suits, missing out on the rest of the hotel’s amenities would be a grave mistake. Each of the eight restaurants and bars will offer mouthwatering creations from passionate masters, and the Azure Spa will be right there to relax you before you go into shock from taste bud sensory overload.

As soon as you’re ready to try your luck at the Gold Coast Casino, 70 table games and 1400 will be awaiting your arrival. If you somehow manage to try each available game, the ongoing tournaments and the Sovereign VIP gambling lounge will keep you entertained for as long as you can stand it. Here is a cherry on top - you can now experience the modern technology of 300 electronic gaming machines, 20 electronic table games, some of which will be available 24/7.


Simplicity is key to relaxation, and no one does it better than The Ville Resort & casino. Minimalistic yet stylish rooms will help clear your mind of any distractions before your 9 am - 5 am gambling spree offering 370 gaming machines and more than 20 table games. The anticipation of winning will be the most intense part of the stay - the rest of the experience is as laid back as a sloth after a full meal.

While “zen” is the most fitting word describing The Ville Resort, it is also quite romantic. It’s the kind of place where you can take your lady, blow her mind with the amorous amenities, and not feel guilty for spending a hefty chunk of time gambling - the hotel simply leaves no room for any stress. The top-notch convenience level, comfortable atmosphere, and soothing dining will keep you in a constant level of meditation. There are also function opportunities for weddings and other romantic events. But don’t get too carried away if you’re there with “someone new” - the overall mesmerizing stay may just lure you into feel-good decisions before you snap back to reality.


Can’t decide if you want to stay somewhere with a city view, or right across a gorgeous river surrounded by small islands? You can have both at the Crown Melbourne Brisbane. You won’t even have to leave the building to take in the view, as each luxurious villa comes with massive windows three times your size. For a more affordable stay, you can get a room with decor that will be just as eye-pleasing as the view. The buffets and restaurants won’t disappoint with the rich selection of authentic cuisines and specialty drinks. The bar offers the kind of atmosphere you would only see in classic movies. Convenient seating, unique chandeliers with cozy lighting, and the barstool section attended by fancy-looking mixologists will make you feel like the main character.

The gambling opportunities at Crown Melbourne are simply too good for words. You might get lost in the 220,000 square feet casino section, so pay attention to where you’re going. Royal table gambling opportunities, hundreds of slots, and scheduled promotions are superb, and even checking out the facility without making a single bet will be worth the travel.

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